Basic engineering

Basic engineering starting from an old installation to modernize or from the design of a new one. We carry out developed electrical diagrams, logical diagrams of ISA control. Development of wiring and nomenclature of elements adapted to the existing ones in the installation of the client or to the KKS system "Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System".

Industrial robots

Selection, installation and programming of industrial robots. If the client requests it, we also integrate them into the plant control and supervision system.


Supervision and improvement of overspeed trip of an old engine. Installation of PUA Pick up adapter, to change the speed reading mode, from a generator motor or tachometric dynamo, to inductive, signal adapter and frequency counting PLC card.

Speed-load controls

Speed-load regulators in any type of turbine or compressor. Gas turbines, steam turbines, turbo-pumps, diesel generators, hydroelectric generators, compressors.

Control system retrofiting

Migration of software and hardware from obsolete control systems, such as Siemens, with migrations from Step5 to Step7 or migrations from Protool to WinCCFlex integrated in TIA Portal. Upgrades of obsolete controls, wired logic and electronics to modern control systems. BMS and BPS for coal boilers.

PLC and DCS displays, SCADA

Development of integral automation projects. Both PLCs and visualization systems HMI, SCADA, DCS, MES systems, production control, historical and web server.

IT Services, database+SCADA

IT Services. Development of customized and specific applications using databases and integration with plant SCADA, to implement systems of recipes and traceability. IIoT production data digitalisation systems.

Control cabinets

Manufacture of control cabinets and field wiring with detailed engineering. FAT and SAT tests to verify the correct operation of the system to be implemented.

Communication networks

Development of communication architecture. Selection of media and protocols adapted to the needs of the client's installation. Forexample, reading of vibration racks from Bentley Nevada, BR Automation, Modbus gateways, Canbus, Allen Bradley to Siemens gateways, and so on.

Commissioning of equipment

Protocols for commissioning, verification, testing, adjustments and optimization of control loops.

Industrial machinery

Industrial machinery. Optimisation, process improvement,systems updating, integration of supervision systems and general automation of industrial machinery.

Virtualization, backup and cybersecurity

Application of virtualization to process control systems to centralize installations, improve performance especially in obsolete systems and reduce breakdowns, centralizing computers in a rack with a clean and controlled environment, installing thinclients platforms in plant for economic and fast replacement.Monitoring and management of the server rack. Improved installation of security patches from centralized console, system performance and IT maintenance in process control systems.Management of antivirus and backups from central console.